Steepest mountain ranges or rocky terrain are challenges that can be overcome with the right equipment. LCS Pipelines is a specialist for the construction of pipelines in rough terrain using highly technological equipment.

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Specialized in complex pipeline construction.

When the pipeline construction gets more difficult due to demanding terrain, LCS finds the solution. Yearlong experience on special points combined with a professional service.

pipeline in steep terrain

Choose direct routes with a narrow ROW.

Using LCS cable crane systems apparently impassable countryside can be crossed with pipelines by choosing the most direct way saving costs and kilometers of pipes.

Trenching and drilling in steep areas.

The construction of pipelines includes a proper preparation and manipulation of the ground. Earth work in steep terrain raises challenges that can be overcome with the right approach.

International Pipeline Projects

Zawtika onshore pipeline

LCS completed the pipeline in Myanmar on two sections of approximately 6 km critical terrain. The 28” pipeline was laid with the help of special machinery and cable crane systems in steep and sandy sections.

LCS was in charge of the whole construction phases of the pipeline construction – from the logistics – beginning at the harbor, to the welding, erosion control, backfilling work and the re-instatement work, once the pipeline was layed. The construction phase continued during four months during the year 2013/14.

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How can LCS Pipelines solutions help you?

We provide individual solutions based on in-depth analysis and taking into consideration all relevant circumstances.  We place all our yearlong experience and competency in the construction of pipelines in demanding terrain in place.

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