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Experience & great capability.

LCS Pipelines is a specialist for the construction of pipelines in rough terrain using highly technological equipment.

The company is part of the LCS Holding, that unifies companies offering special solution for the handling of heavy material – as LCS Cable Cranes is an company  for developing complex transport solutions in inaccessible areas.

Our competence is not the construction of km-long pipelines but the punctual contribution of providing answers to construction challenges problems for onshore pipelines in steep slopes: we have the know-how and background how to overcome and how to manipulate inaccessible terrain.

At LCS Pipelines we apply well developed, proven and well planned solutions and methods that facilitates the construction of a pipeline in terrain, where no heavy machinery can perform, where it seems absolutely impossible to construct a pipeline. Inaccessible terrain is the challenge we are facing day by day and we know how impossible things are possible.

This way we enable with our innovative solutions pipeline-laying where it seems impossible and at the same time contribute to minimize the environmental impact and safety issues.

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“LCS is specialized in steep and critical points of pipeline routes, using highly technological equipment”

Where the going is tough, LCS takes over.

LCS, associate member of the IPLOCA – the International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association disposes of an experience of over 20 years solving several complex transportation challenges during the construction of pipelines in steep areas.

That way LCS made it possible to construct pipelines, where even men have difficulties to move.

At LCS we have constantly invested a great deal of time into the development of highly specialized equipment and are therefore not only able to provide solutions but also offer complete services to construct pipelines in inclined terrain, including the support by a professional and experienced project-management.

Service & Project Management

Being part of the LCS Holding and having realized several projects all over the world, LCS Pipelines disposes of an experienced project management that provides various supporting services which are needed and indispensable for the construction of a pipeline in demanding territory.

A deep analysis of the ground and slope, a detailed planning, an accurate organization of all logistic, safety and environmental topics, the provision of the necessary machinery and resources; these are just a few issues which have to be considered prior to planning the operational implementation and execution.

The LCS service is completed by an integral project management.

Thanks to experienced project managers and internal and external resources LCS is capable to manage large scale projects in a proper way including operational and commercial topics as well as quality, safety, environmental and personnel management themes.

At LCS we are aware that a project –irrespective of its size – needs to be led by a professional, experienced and capable project management in order to be successful.

The know-how, professionalism and conscious actions of our employees together with modern technological developments contribute significantly to our high quality standards.

LCS pipelines is certified and works following ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2007 standards.

Health, safety & environment

Three themes playing central roles in all actions and processes of LCS Pipelines. For LCS and its management the application and complete integration of these principles to and in all projects are fundamental as they are part of the philosophy and service: providing safe, efficient and environmentally sound solutions to construct pipelines in extremely demanding terrain.

A safe working environment for all our employees and project-involved people is one of our basic principles. In order to achieve a 100% incident free operation we establish and apply all kind of measures such as safety, prevention, health and medical plans, an appropriate risk management as well as training processes for safe working practices.

At LCS Pipelines, we proof and re-evaluate the quality of our business processes constantly.

Based on that, we are able to take necessary corrective measures and rectify our processes. This ensures that we can fulfill the quality and safety requirements of our international clients at any time.

Through a constant control of our equipment and the modernization of security related components, we certify the safety and efficient functioning of our operations.

Working in an environmentally sensitive way is a must at LCS Pipelines. We always give our best to plan the projects and act in an environmentally conscious and respectful way without losing performance.

Our HSE Principles

  • Compliance with and monitoring of internal and external HSE guidelines and legal specifications.
  • Prevention of accidents, especially human losses, damage of property and environmental impairment, including assurance of the security of third parties.
  • Establishment of risk evaluations and action strategies in each deployment level of a cable crane.
  • Usage of high quality construction materials and cooperation with selected partners and experts.
  • Continuous improvement of the safety, health and environmental standards as well as the quality management.
  • Rigorous compliance of the O.I.T.A.F. Guidelines (International Organization for Transportation by Rope) when using cable cranes.


All our projects are fulfilled by the international Quality Management System. Our Personell are getting permanent off-the-job trainings in the international Quality Management System of Pipeline works.

Our clients demand on accelerating the progress in high level Quality Management System. The success in complete the projects in time and followed up 100% the Quality System is proved by the satisfaction of our clients.

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LCS Pipelines takes over, when the construction of a pipelines faces challenges like demanding terrain such as rocky surfaces in steep slopes. The right approach based on great experience and know-how provides convenient solutions for an efficient and safe cosntruction of pipelines.

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