Earth Work Services.

pipeline construction in steep terrain

Grading, trenching, drilling & re-instatement in steep terrain.

When building pipelines, huge machines reach their limits when the terrain becomes impassable. Not only does transportation face a challenge, but also the ground works which cannot be handled with the same method as in flat terrain. Rocky terrain or sandy ground in relatively inclined areas impede access for heavy machinery.

With the appropriate equipment and the know-how in earth work in steep terrain it is possible to prepare the ground conditions for an accurate laying of onshore-pipelines.

LCS is specialist in the proper execution of ground-works and offers a complete service that includes all steps of ground-manipulation necessary for the construction of pipelines.

“LCS provides earth manipulation services for the most difficult slopes applying our know-how the, right technique and the most suitable equipment.”


LCS is able to prepare the surface for the pipeline-laying by trenching, blasting and rock-drilling in complicated slopes, using special spider excavators for various ground works. Depending on the terrain and steepness they are fixed with a gypsy winch while operating in highly inclined slopes. Thereby it is possible to do earth works in steep slopes over 70°, but also riversides, in marshlands and other areas, where normal excavators cannot access.


As is well known, the construction of a pipeline is not terminated once the pipes are laid and padding material covers them. Proper re-instatement work needs to be done. In very inclined areas, re-instatement work is generally more complex since “new earth” material has to be adjusted properly to avoid landslips – especially in rainy areas, steep or rocky terrain. LCS assures an appropriate restoration and leaves the ROW in impeccable conditions.


When the terrain becomes steeper, the re-instatement work faces a further level to assure environmental protection. Especially on rocky and steep terrain, the slope of the on-shore pipeline needs to be protected and stabilized. LCS uses different stabilization systems, depending on the inclination. Starting from 25° cocomat-systems, net systems or gabion-systems, which are supported by drill anchors, are suitable methods which are utilized by LCS.

How can LCS Pipelines solutions help you?

We provide individual solutions based on in-depth analysis and taking into consideration all relevant circumstances.  We place all our yearlong experience and competency in the construction of pipelines in demanding terrain in place.

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