Pipeline construction at special points.

Special Points – Our Core Competence.

steep pipeline

Laying pipelines in very steep slopes (>70°), on rocky ground in the mountains, in hilly landscapes, environmentally critical terrain (e.g. rain forests) and many other areas require special solutions to transport pipes, position them and to do pre- and post-construction services such as earthworks (digging, trenching and reinstatement works).

These are critical parts of a pipeline – during its construction but also for its further usage as greater external influences must be considered which require a highly accurate treatment.

Various challenges are faced during the construction of a pipeline, equipment and staff responsible for the pipeline-construction need to be specialized and highly professional.

Complex situations imply serious difficulties for traditional pipeline-construction methods such as: safety issues when using heavy machinery in steep terrains, environmental conflicts and high costs when roads are built to access difficult territory.

By using highly specialized equipment for transport solutions and earth-manipulation we overcome the inaccessible terrain. We have the experience, the know-how and the equipment to assure comprehensive safety standards, to keep the impact on the environment low, cut expenses and to guarantee high qualitative results.

“Very steep slopes imply serious difficulties for traditional pipeline-construction methods. This is when LCS takes over.”

LCS Performance

When facing different kind of challenges and requirements (environment, complex situation, safety requirements, and special equipment) all actions need to be interoperable to overcome them. To maintain high quality standards a proper coordination of the different construction processes is indispensable.

Through 20 years of experience in providing transporting solutions for pipeline constructions in rough terrain and constant improvement regarding all kind of requirements, needs and influences LCS achieved a high standard of services for the pipeline construction at special points.

LCS provides

  • TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS using special equipment such as cable cranes to transport pipes, equipment and manpower. The cable cranes are particularly developed for pipeline construction and offer many suitable tools and characteristics.
  • EARTH MANIPULATION WORK to lay pipelines in a safe way and to leave the ROW in steep areas in impeccable conditions.
  • COMPLETE PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION SERICE at special points including the whole process chain: planning, logistics, trenching and earth manipulation, pipe-laying, welding, padding and re-instatement work.

Depending on the needs of the project and the client, we do a proper analysis of the route, situation and local conditions to develop the plan for the pipeline construction or transportation in the inaccessible terrain in cooperation with our client.

” LCS has been collaborating in several constructions of on-shore pipelines, providing services for clients but also performing the whole construction process.”

LCS Makes the Difference

LCS is the specialist for pipeline-construction by using innovative transport solutions and doing ground works at complex slopes where traditional methods face their limits. Our working methods, our services and solutions contribute to an easier, safer and more efficient construction.

Transport and lay pipes with cable cranes

LCS Pipelines utilizes regularly cable crane systems to transport and lay pipelines. These systems make laying pipes in steep terrain easy and efficient.

How can cable cranes help you?