East West gas pipeline (EWPL) project.

construction of pipelines in steep terrain

Project description & Scope of Work

The project for the construction of a challenging section of the EWPL was characterized by the very steep – over 67 degrees – and rocky terrain. Additionally it was rain period, when a cable crane system was installed. In India LCS worked with our spider-excavators for the manipulation of the rocky terrain for an accurate pipeline-laying.

LCS was hired by Punj Lloyd for two different phases of the construction of a pipeline in a very challenging section of the EWPL.

During the first phase LCS installed and operated a high performing cable crane system with a haul winch of over 560 hp to transport machinery (excavators), pipes, padding material etc. along the demanding section. Additionally LCS was in charge of the earth works during the installation, rock-drilling, anchoring, blasting etc. with special-equipment.

On the other hand LCS took care of the re-instatement works of this section – a complex work due to the ground conditions and steep terrain. LCS used anchored a netting and cocomat system and had to fix them by anchoring in the rocks.

Project Info

Project OwnerReliance Gas Transportation Infraestructure Ltd.
CustomerPunj Lloyd
Year2007-2009 (2 project phases)
Duration11 monts in 2 phases
Size of pipe42"
Type of pipelineGas pipeline


A cable crane system with a payload of 12 tons was used to transport and lay pipes, carry construction material and construction equipment along the steep slope.  The transported loads reach approxiately: 5.000 to sand, 10.000 to rock, 6.000 m2 netting, 8.000 m2 anchors R32, R38, concrete barriers and drainage pipes.

LCS used spider excavators do perform earth work services and to finalize the re-instatement works.

Special point description:

  • Length: 1.200 m
  • Slope: 67°
  • Terrain: rocky

Project Gallery

“Very rocky and steep slope, where LCS realized the re-instatement and slop stabilization works.”

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