Tamazunchale gas pipeline project.


Project description & Scope of Work

The Tamazunchale gas pipeline needed to overcome a very steep section in the province Hidalgo. It was a special point, where there route needed to overpass not only a over 70° steep slope, but at the same time rocky terrain and make horizontal bend.

LCS provided a cable crane system with a payload of 6 tons to carry construction material as well as pipes into the very steep slope. The crane system ran over 800 m crossing very rocky terrain. Approximately at half way, after 400m, the crane system made a horizontal bend to follow the pipeline’s track. This was exactly at the most inclinated point of the pipeline route.

LCS was mainly responsible for the transportation system – means the cranes. The cable crane was used to transport all needed material – machinery, equipment, pipes, padding material etc.

Project Info

Project OwnerTransCanada
Duration7 months
Size of pipe36"
Type of pipelineGas pipeline


Cable Crane system for transportation and laying of pipes, with a total length of 800 m and a payload of 6 tons. The installation included a horizontal.

The crane system was used to transport 800 m of pipes, construction equipment, blasting and coating equipment as well as backfilling material.

Special Point description:

  • Length: 800m
  • Slope: over 70°+
  • Surface: Very rocky terrain
  • horizontal bend at the steepest point of the pipeline route

Project Gallery

“Very rocky an very steep terrain was overcome by mounting a powerful cable crane system.”

Complete pipeline construction in Asia

LCS was in charge of the complete construction service including all construction phases of an onshore pipeline in Myanmar.

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