Zawtika Onshore Pipeline project II.

PIpeline construction

Project description & Scope of Work

LCS was hired by the project owner ATL to fulfill the complete construction of the Zawtika onshore pipeline in Myanmar on two sections (RR2, RR4), with a total distance of 6 km (800 m off RR2 and 5.200 m for RR4)

These sections were characterized by complex ground and terrain conditions as forest with sandy terrain and steep slopes had to be crossed. LCS was in charge of the whole construction phases of the pipeline construction. This included the logistics – beginning at the harbor, as well as the laying of the pipes including the welding, erosion control, backfilling work and the re-instatement work, once the pipeline was laid.

To complete all these tasks, LCS  used special equipment to lay the pipeline in the demanding terrain: cable cranes and special spider excavators to do the earth work on all 6 km.

Project Info

Project OwnerATL (PTTEPI and MOGE)
CustomerATL (PTTEPI and MOGE)
Duration4 months
Size of pipe28"
Type of pipelineGas pipeline


For the transportation were used special  transport equipment such as crawler type loaders and 8×8 trucks. When pipes were laid in steep terrain, LCS installed cable crane systems with a payload of 8 tons d to position and lay pipes.

For the re-instatement works LCS used special spider-excavators that are able to do proper ground works in very critical and demanding terrain.

Special point description

  • Langth: 6.000 m
  • Strong inclined terrain
  • hilly area
  • sandy surface

Project Gallery

“LCS provided a complete pipeline construction service that included all construction phases”

Cable crane systems in Thailand

LCS was involved in two parts of the Zawtika onshore pipeline and provided cable crane systems for the construction of the part of the pipeline in Thailand.

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