Experience all around the world

LCS Pipelines and LCS Cable Cranes, our sister company, have operated all over the world and contributed to the success of man pipeline projects. It was always our goal to satisfy our clients providing an outstanding service and work. We are sure that we were able to do so applying our professionalism, our know-how and accurateness.

Our solutions have been used for a large variety of pipelines – on rocky terrain in Mexico, steepest slopes in India, sandy surfaces in Papua New Guinea or in the rain forest in Ecuador.

LCS was always addressing new challenges and circumstances and could always meet them to the fullest customer satisfaction.

Some of our clients and project owners:

How can LCS Pipelines solutions help you?

We provide individual solutions based on in-depth analysis and taking into consideration all relevant circumstances.  We place all our yearlong experience and competency in the construction of pipelines in demanding terrain in place.

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